Why Temporary Job Assignments Are A Good Thing!

In the world of recruiting and hiring, the word “temp” or “temporary” staff can be a scary one to both job seekers and hiring managers alike.  Employees feel that temporary jobs are disposable roles in which no one will care about them.  Some companies think about temp staff as people that an agency will just throw into a spot to fill roles, not caring about the quality or abilities required for the job.  Guess what?…neither of these ideas are true!


Supplementary Income

Accepting temporary or day labour work is a great way to earn some extra income during these hard economic times.  Staffing agencies often have positions available by being placed on their “Available” roster to be called for last minute job opportunities that come up.  Pick up work that works with your schedule and decline anything you aren’t able to help out with.


Experience Gained is Skills Learned

For those entering the workforce for the first time, are new to Canada or even returning to work after an extended period, temporary assignments with a staffing agency are a great way to gain new experiences and skills.  These small assignments are a great way to learn new industries and jobs that will be beneficial to you down the road when looking for that permanent long-term opportunity!


Great Candidates Start in Temporary Roles!

We’ve seen it hundreds if not thousands of times since opening in 2003.  Job seekers accept a temporary job expected to last a few weeks or a few days, but then the position becomes extended and with their exemplary attendance and performance, they soon find themselves with permanent job offers!  Now we aren’t saying this is always the case (some jobs truly can be temporary job assignments) but we often see that, employers find their ‘forever staff’ that eventually move into other roles within the company.   These success stories are a great way to share with other temporary staff coming into the business that there are opportunities to be had for those who work hard and show their commitment to the project.


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