Top Qualities of Leading Staffing Agencies

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of staffing agencies available in today’s market. Yet, despite the widespread availability of agencies, finding the best one to meet your needs and provide your company with high quality talent is no easy task. It isn’t only about securing a candidate to fill an open role so that your organization can increase productivity or meet operational demands. The candidate selected needs to not only mesh well with your organizational culture, they also need to have the skills necessary to address an authentic need all the while helping your business grow.

The temporary staffing agency that you choose to work with needs to clearly understand your company’s unique situation in order to provide you with the best candidate possible – and in a timely manner. Otherwise, there will be very little value to the partnership.

In order to receive the most value from the staffing agency you choose to align your business with, it is important to carefully evaluate the qualities of the agencies you currently partner with or those that you might like to partner with in the future. Every agency you work with should exhibit the following characteristics.

The Qualities of the Top Temporary Staffing Agencies

  1. They can supply high quality talent: Does the staffing agency have access to a high quality candidate database? At People Store, we’ve cultivated an in-depth candidate network that consists only of carefully screened and qualified candidates. We don’t work with everyone who walks through our doors. Any agency you choose to work with should be able to prove the quality and reach of their talent pool.
  2. They understand your needs: Does the temporary agency have a true understanding of what it is that you actually need? If you tell your agency partner that you have an issue with widgets and they provide you with a solution for bobbles, there isn’t much value there. Verify that the agency you’ve chosen to work with truly comprehends the challenges that your organization is facing and that they understand how to best help you solve those challenges through talent selection.
  3. They are trustworthy: Are you confident that the temporary staffing agency will do what they say they are going to do? Any agency worth it’s weight in salt should be capable of standing behind their promises and providing you with reliable temporary workers when they say they are going to.
  4. They are ethical: Is the agency able to prove their commitment to values and ethical standards? In Canada, the benchmark for ethics in staffing can be found in member firms of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services. ACSESS members pledge to follow a strict code of industry best standards and ethics. People Store is a long-standing member.
  5. They are flexible to your needs: Can the temporary agency predict or remain flexible to last minute or changing staffing needs? If you were to win new business, or a production demands increased, are you confident that the agency could easily adapt to your growing demands and supply you with qualified labour?
  6. They are responsive and keep communication channels open: Communication is essential for most businesses. The same should be said for your elected agency, make sure that the temporary staffing provider you work with responds to your needs in a timely manner and always places strong emphasis on communication.
  7. They respect the value of money: You can’t always evaluate your relationship with a staffing agency based on cost, but when all is said and done, you should be able to clearly see whether or not you are receiving a positive return on your staffing investment. People Store has one of the most cost effective (and transparent) staffing models in the interest – we are always looking to help our clients receive the most ROI from their investment in our services.

Work with The Top-Rated Staffing Agency in the Industry

It’s time for your organization to partner with a leading staffing agency. We take pride in our ability to forge lasting and productive relationships with the clients and candidates we represent and are well-known for our commitment to going the extra mile.

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