Tips for International Students!

In 2022, there were over 800,000 International Students in Canada. These students have come from all over the world in order to study in Canada! While they are studying, they are able to work part time, and on semester breaks, they are able to work full time! Some are even now eligible to work full-time while continuing their studies. We have compiled some tips for International Students to help them find employment in Canada!


Visit Your Schools Career Center

Did you know that on campus, schools also have a career center? Here you can talk to Career Counsellors who can help guide you and assist in finding you work! They can help with jobs in your field or areas of interest, or jobs in the community! They can also help with finding jobs on campus that can very easily work around your school schedule, so you won’t have to miss classes because of work, or work because of classes!


Customer Service and Restaurants

Fast food, casual restaurants and stores mostly hire part time employees! These types of workplaces operate mainly with part time associates and will be able to work around your class schedule. Rather than looking for warehouses, general laborer and manufacturing positions which are often only hiring full time employees, look to restaurants, clothing stores or movie theatres for employment! If you work during the semester, chances are you can pick up extra shifts on your summer break!


Focus on Longevity

Rather than finding a new job every semester, focus on longevity and stick with one company! Once you have completed your studies, employers will look at your resume to consider you for permanent employment. They often look more favorably on those who have worked one position for an extended period of time, rather than short term assignments (even if they are in your field!). Longevity in one role shows dedication and commitment – two things that are very important to employers!


Think About Your Impact on a Business

At the end of the day, your job might only be a short-term position, but every day that you go to work (regardless of where you are working) you are helping the employer get the job done. Whether it is customers getting served, products getting shipped out or deliveries being made, you make an impact on your employer’s bottom line. On the other hand, if you are consistently missing time for school commitments – this will hurt the employer. Being upfront about time you need off for school exams or commitments and your class schedule each semester will allow your employer to create the best schedule. It will also help you seem trustworthy, and you will be more likely to stick with the company long term!

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