The #1 Staffing Firm to do business with!

People Store ranked as the #1 Staffing Firm to do business with!

July 2010

Seen here front and centre, John Nalli President of Canada’s premier staffing service stands with key personnel as his company is recognized as 2010’s top ranked Staffing Firm.

People Store voted the best by Readers Choice!

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO—(CNNMatthews News Wire – July, 2010). The readers have spoken and their choice was clear: People Store Staffing Solutions is the number one pick for Best Employment and Staffing Firm.

Opening its doors in Mississauga in 2003, originally named PEOPLEsource, this company has made a vigorous impact in the Human Resources Industry & Staffing Industry.

As one of the largest staffing firms in GTA, People Store breaks the mold of other staffing agencies with efficient, flexible, responsive and experienced recruiters who coach candidates and support employers to ensure the right hire, every time. With an extensive and qualified database, People Store successfully matches thousands of job seekers and employment opportunities each year.

John Nalli, President of People Store, began this enterprise after gaining several years of experience with other highly-successful staffing firms in Ontario. Frustrated with the larger firm’s lack of attention to client needs, John decided to venture out and create a model which other staffing firms could emulate. The results speak volumes. Having won countless awards for business excellence and industry growth, People Store is leading the industry with quantified results.

People Store is not all about business however, the firm believes in leading by example. This is demonstrated with an internal code of ethics embracing, honesty, integrity and partnership to both clients and employees. The company gives back to the communities it represents by sponsoring a number of not-for-profit organizations and community betterment programs.

This spirit and dedication has proven to be one of the company’s greatest assets. “This is the outcome of a lot of hard work,” says People Store President, John Nalli. “I’m really excited for the future of this firm and all the employees who help make this a great place to work. If we’re able to achieve these milestones year after year, the sky certainly is the limit. We will not stop until we help shape the future of the Canadian staffing industry.”

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