Should You Stop Hiring in a Pandemic?

It doesn’t matter which channel you turn to all mainstream news outlets are reporting the same thing: COVID-19 has had a significant economic impact on businesses across the world and companies of all sizes are faced with the extraordinary task of altering their outlook for the remainder of 2020.

Businesses have substantial concerns. How will they protect their bottom line? Are they doing enough to keep the public and their staff safe? Can they still generate sales while employees are operating remotely or at half capacity? Should they continue to hire new employees when they have no idea what the economic future holds?

Hiring is a major concern for businesses affected by the novel coronavirus. Despite having shut their doors to the general public, and having laid off staff members, many companies are left wondering if they should continue to post jobs and create new roles within the organizational structure when they aren’t able to adequately forecast what might happen in the next three, six or even twelve months. Is it responsible for hiring managers to continue to recruit for specific roles within an organization when layoffs have occurred or should all hiring efforts be put on hold – including any for those who have already begun the onboarding process?

Ted McRae, Director of Business Development for People Store Staffing Solutions, surveyed a number of People Store’s clients and the findings would suggest that many business are still hiring, despite a global health crisis.

Yes, industries are slowing down, some companies are being hit harder than others, there are people who, unfortunately, are going to be laid off and there are companies who are shutting their doors, at least for the foreseeable future. But, there is a glimmer of hope. Our clients are using this time to work with our recruitment consultants to redefine their overall recruitment strategy. Whether they need essential workers now or they need to remain proactive for when the pandemic ends, hiring needs to continue, even during these unprecedented times. We’ve noticed that our most resilient clients have adopted the trend of continuous recruitment. That is to say, they are either offering incentives for currently laid-off employees to return to work, or they are working with us to keep the talent pool full so that when we reach the other side of the pandemic they are ready and prepared to rebuild.”

Ted McRae, Director of Business Development, People Store

Ted went on to add that many of People Store’s clients have recognized that, even in current and unforeseeable conditions, hiring for specific positions remains mission critical. And, rightfully so.  Eventually, we will reach the other side of this pandemic, and businesses who choose to remain proactive will be have a stronger chance of coming out on top.

Bruce Rogers, Nadia De Novellis, and Alicia Dow, People Store’s business development team, agree with Ted’s findings, noting that a number of clients are looking for ways to not only preserve revenue and keep people working but also to play an active role in helping to stifle the pandemic as quickly as possible.

“Several of our key clients, manufacturers, technology leaders, even smaller businesses that you wouldn’t expect to make such a dynamic shift, particularly in the Kitchener – Waterloo region and throughout the GTA, have retooled or are in the process of doing so in order to help Canada meet growing demands for much needed medical devices. For many, this means increased hiring needs for skills that they may not have previously hired for. It’s uncharted waters. They are depending on us to help them meet those demands quickly and with minimal room for error.”

Alicia Dow, Regional Sales Manager – South Western Ontario, People Store

Our clients have grown to trust our expertise as recruitment leaders and are leaning on us to help them redefine their overall recruitment and on-boarding strategy during these unprecedented times. Whether you are limiting hiring to essential positions or you are in an industry that has seen increased hiring demands in areas like remote contact center, IT, sales, warehousing or logistics you need to carefully consider your recruitment provider’s ability to navigate the changing scope of recruitment. This means partnering with a professional recruitment firm that recognizes the importance of proper screening, compliance, data security and rapidly changing technology.

People Store is operating at full capacity, our branches are open, and our staff are following all government and medical guidelines, so that we can continue to provide the highest quality service in the recruitment industry.    

Businesses that continue to hire during the coronavirus outbreak will find themselves ahead of the competition when the economic rebound begins. Highly qualified and once in-demand workers have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19 and they want to return to work as quickly as possible. Employers have been presented with a unique recruitment opportunity to strengthen their workforce before their competitors even begin to strategize their resurgence in the industry.

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