Profit 500 awarded staffing & employment company

People Store listed as Ontario’s Top Staffing & Employment Company! …and one of Country’s Top 500 Companies!

September 2016

TORONTO, ONTARIO – (ANNOUNCEMENT – September 15, 2016)
Recruitment firm People Store, announced their listing on the “CANADIAN BUSINESS PROFIT 500 ranking of the country’s 500 Top Companies”. The prestigious report awarded the honor to the Canadian Staffing Agency having achieved remarkably high sustained sales growth rate of 675% for the past 5 years. People Store ranks #1 among Ontario’s Staffing & Employment Industry and achieved an overall rank of 107 out of the Top 500 companies across all industries in Canada.

Within the last year People Store was named as one of the 100 Best Companies to work for in Canada. This ranking is another in a series of the company’s many other growth awards. People Store has also been named as the “the best staffing firm to do business with” according to Readers Choice Magazine for the last 9 years.

“The PROFIT 500 ranking in the CANADIAN BUSINESS Magazine is such a great way to monitor a company’s growth,” says People Store’s President & CEO, John Nalli as he commented on the announcement. “We’ve got a strong and dedicated team that is hungry for success. Recognition on the list is a big confirmation that we’re on the right road to becoming Canada’s most reputable and highly respected staffing services provider.”

“A talented and diverse group of entrepreneurs have built the Top 500 companies,” says Ian Portsmouth, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. “Their creativity and ambition spell a bright future for their businesses, and point the way to success in Canada’s ever-challenging economy.” “The Top 500 companies represent the ambition, sophistication and immense contributions of Canada’s entrepreneurial sector”, says Editor Ian Portsmouth. “We are proud to celebrate the success of these businesses and to share their growth strategies.”

People Store also believes in leading by example. This is demonstrated with an internal code of ethics embracing honesty, integrity and partnership towards both clients and employees. This spirit and dedication has proven to be one of the company’s greatest assets. “This is the outcome of a lot of hard work,” says People Store President & CEO John Nalli. “I’m really excited for the future of this firm and all the employees who help make this a great place to work. If we’re able to achieve these milestones year after year, the sky certainly is the limit. We will continually strive to help shape the future of the Canadian Staffing Industry.”

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