Preparing Your Business for the Second Wave

With the second wave of the novel Coronavirus looming, provincial re-opening plans are being scaled back and employers around Canada have found themselves faced with the realization that it could be months, or years, before business returns to “normal” – if at all.

Evidence and medical experts suggest that Canada will see a rise in infections this autumn and employers need to act quickly in order to prepare their organizations for the second wave. In light of this, businesses across the country have a deep-rooted obligation to do everything possible to not only keep their business moving forward but also to ensure that their workforce and their customers are safe.

People Store is committed to our role as your trusted staffing partner, and as such, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to prepare your organization for a potential second wave.

Review and Establish Health & Safety Measures

Ford’s Ontario government has issued an excellent list of resources for businesses as we all work together to navigate life and business in our new reality.  This includes the provision of proper PPE for staff, physical distancing measures, masking regulations and rigorous cleaning schedules. It is paramount for your business to adhere to these guidelines, without compromise.

Stock Up on Essential Supplies Now

A few short months ago, Canadians found essential items like PPE, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and paper goods in short supply.  Now, we have the benefit of foresight. We know that the second wave is coming and we can prepare. If you’re noticing it is easier to find these once impossible to source items, consider acquiring a reasonable stockpile so that you don’t find yourself short-handed when or if disaster strikes. As an added bonus, if your supplier happens to be local, you’ll be doing your part to keep the economy going and Canadians working during difficult times.

Consider New Ways of Doing Business

Many companies found themselves having to harness the power of technology in order to keep their operations running. Now is the perfect time to take stock of how remote work benefited (or hindered) your businesses and make the adjustments necessary to improve efficiencies and productivity in the event that your workforce needs to shift to the remote-sphere in the future. This could involve buying new software, investing in new equipment, or looking for other innovative ways to pivot your business online. Remember to hire and train your employees accordingly. Behind the scenes, People Store has been investigating new ways to recruit, screen and onboard remote workers and are fully prepared to help our clients ramp up their remote customer service, call center, data entry or other virtual teams.

Hire a Flex Team and Train Employees

When Covid-19 first took hold, if someone from your organization fell ill, you likely found yourself either short-handed or scrambling to make sure their work was covered until they were able to return. Now is the time to start considering cross-training employees for highly technical or skilled positions in the company and to partner with an experienced staffing provider who can help you build a ‘flex team’ of temporary associates with the skills necessary to cover lower-skilled jobs (like customer service, warehousing, receptionist, etc.) that don’t necessarily require as much training but are still mission critical to your operations. As a result, this will ensure that you are covered in the event that employees on your internal team need to be home to care for their families or are unable to work due to underlying health issues.

Focus on the Financials

If, like many other businesses, you struggled to stay afloat when provinces across the country shut down, take this time as an opportunity to explore potential cost-savings measures. No employer wants to lay people off during hard times, however, for many companies this is a very real possibility right now. With holiday seasons approaching, you may find that using a staffing agency to handle seasonal hiring is actually more cost effective than doing it on your own and you benefit from knowing that associates dispatched to your location have undergone the necessary (and government-mandated) Covid-19 screening.

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