November 2019

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO – (Announcement – November 7, 2019)

People Store Staffing Solutions has been recognized as 2019’s Diamond Employment Agency.

This year’s 2019 Cambridge Times Reader’s Choice Award goes to People Store Staffing Solutions as the #1 Ranked “Diamond Employment Agency.” This is the first time that People Store’s Cambridge branch has been the recipient of this award. However, People Store as an organization, has been recognized as a best-in-class staffing provider, and the #1 staffing agency to do business with for twelve consecutive years.

The staffing industry in Canada is extremely competitive, with more than 200 staffing agencies spanning the South Western Ontario region. For employers and jobseekers alike, the decision of which organization to partner with is not one that should be made lightly. Things to consider when determining who will best represent you or your company can include: does the agency adhere to government regulations, does the agency have a proven track record of delivering results and does the agency have a reputation for providing award-winning service?  Every year, the local community is surveyed, and using the criteria above, the results of that survey determine which staffing agency stands ahead of the rest.

Since its inception, in 2003, People Store has made great strides to deliver impactful improvements to the Human Resources and Staffing Industry. As one of the largest privately-owned staffing providers across Ontario, People Store leads the charge when it comes to providing efficient, flexible, responsive and qualified recruitment services.

After several years of experience with other highly reputable staffing providers, John Nalli, President and CEO, became frustrated with the larger firms’ lack of attention or concern when it came to meeting the needs of their clients. From this realization, and a desire to change the face of the staffing industry, John made the decision to venture out and build a business model that other staffing firms would come to emulate. Having won many awards and accolades for business excellence and industry growth, People Store has become a driving force in the industry and consistently delivers quantifiable results.

People Store is rooted in community, and demonstrates an internal code of ethics, championing ethics, honesty, integrity and partnership with both clients and employees. The organization regularly gives back through sponsorship and participation in a number of community enrichment programs.

These qualities, along with its people, have come to be known as some of the company’s most significant assets. “This is the outcome of a lot of hard work,” says John Nalli, President of People Store. “I’m regularly impressed by everyone who’s invested time and effort into making this a great place to work. If we’re able to continue to achieve these milestones, year after year, there is no limit to what we can achieve.”

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