Ecommerce Fulfillment Staffing

Want To Reap The Rewards Of The Digital Marketplace? You Need An Experienced Ecommerce Fulfillment Team

It takes more than well designed website, some coding and an online shopping cart to create a successful eCommerce experience. Yes, technology is a large part of it but it’s everything that goes on in the background the really creates an impact.

Routing and managing inventory, picking and packing products, choosing the correct packaging and preparing items for shipping are vital steps to the online order fulfillment process. Without attentive and capable team members, steps are missed and processes are overlooked. People Store has partnered with some of the biggest names in the online retail world and are eager to help you deploy an eCommerce staffing solution that works!

Why Partner with Us?

Scalable Recruitment Solutions

We are experts at staffing for every workforce need, this means that whether you need 5 temps for a short-term assignment, 1 really great permanent employee or 500+ warehouse workers to keep operations running smoothly – People Store has a scalable solution for you!

Unwavering Commitment To Quality

Unlike those other agencies who work with every candidate who walks through the door, our recruitment professionals take the time to carefully weed out unsuitable applicants, ensuring that our clients only ever meet the best and most qualified candidates.

Demonstrated Cost Savings Strategies

We pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients’ reduce their staffing agency spend by not only ‘getting it done right the first time’, but also presenting them with a multi-tiered approach to staffing. We consistently out-price our competition and make it affordable for businesses of all sizes and industries to benefit from the services of an experienced and trusted staffing partner.

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Some of the Ecommerce roles we regularly recruit for

  • Order Fulfillment Clerk
  • Order Picker
  • Packer
  • Inventory Control
  • Shipper Receiver
  • Forklift Driver & Material Handler
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Administrator
  • Customer Service Agent

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