How To Fully Disconnect From Work

With the upcoming Holiday Season, many employees are looking to use up the last of their PTO before the year is over. Use it or lose it! While time off is enjoyable, many of us are left wondering and worrying about the events going on in the office and stressed about whether or not they got everything done before heading out on vacation. 54% of employees say they cannot fully disconnect from work on their days off – here are some tips to fully disconnect on your upcoming time off.


Work Ahead – As Far As You Can

Working ahead as far as possible will help you relax and disconnect while out of office. Completing any tasks that are due soon after your return will help you to unwind peacefully while away. This will help to ease the workload as well of your colleagues and make it less likely any of them (or your boss) will reach out while you are away looking for help!

Upon return, setting aside 1-2 days to catch up on anything you missed will be helpful and act as a reset to get you back into work mode!


Set Out-of-Office Automatic Replies!

The last thing to do before leaving work for holidays is always to set an out-of-office (OOO) automatic reply! Make sure to include when you will be returning to work, and who the sender should contact if their need is urgent. This will give you peace of mind on vacation knowing that any urgent requests will be redirected to someone who is in the office and can help them!


Take The Time Off That You Deserve!

PTO is part of your total compensation package, meaning that it is part of your negotiated salary and benefits, and part of the reason why you accepted the position! Not taking your PTO is leaving part of your total compensation on the table, and at most companies – if you don’t use it, you lose it!

Many employees are feeling guilty about taking time off of work, but taking the time off you deserve will actually result in you being a better employee. You will feel more refreshed and be able to focus better at work which will increase your productivity as well as your overall happiness.


Disconnect Completely!

In addition to setting your out-of-office automatic replies, turning off email notifications will help you fully disconnect from work. Just because you have automatic replies on and you do not need to answer the emails, doesn’t mean you need to read them either! Shutting off notifications to work related emails and messages will help you step away from your desk while you’re on vacation!

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