How To Diversify Your Recruitment Strategies

With the staffing shortages all industries seem to be facing in this post-pandemic world, we need to look internally at our current hiring processes and evaluate. This allows for companies to determine what works for your team, and what you can change! Changes you make to diversify and switch up your recruitment process can assist you in coming up with new ways to vet candidates. Thinking outside of the box will lead to higher success rates of placements, as well as higher retention. No one wants to do their job twice – get it done right the first time!

Sticking to the same old ways of recruiting will lead to extra time being spent, extra money being spent, and frustrations all around. By diversifying your processes, your talent pool will grow, and your company’s output will increase as well.

Check out some reasons below for how you can diversify your recruitment process and how they can help you and your team!


Extra-Curricular Skills

            Did your parents ever tell you to participate on every team, join every club and learn new hobbies? It turns out they had a good point – these are excellent transferable skills. During the pre-screening process, ensure you are looking at the candidates’ extra-curricular skills in addition to their previous work experience and education. This section can show you a lot about the candidate – but often gets overlooked by Recruiters.

Were they on a sports team in high school? This will tell you a lot about their ability to work with others, their dedication to commitments and ability to meet the goals that are set out for them – all fantastic qualities to have in an employee.

Do they enjoy gardening, woodworking or fixing up cars? That means they have excellent manual dexterity, attention to detail and patience.

Did they work at a fast-food chain or a restaurant as their first job? This probably means they have great time management skills, problem solving abilities, the ability to handle multiple tasks at once and communication skills.

Just because the candidate applying to your job does not have the exact previous job experience that you are looking for, does not necessarily mean they are not qualified for the job. Take a look at the skills they do have, and work with them to train them in the position. Transferable skills such as the ones mentioned above can come from a variety of different tasks, jobs, or hobbies that they might have had in the past and will come in handy at your company!


Speed Up The Process

            Recruitment processes used to look like an initial phone screening, an in-person interview, an aptitude test, another interview with someone else, followed up by a meeting with the owner of the company. It is a job seekers world out there, and with every company looking for new talent, they have their pick of the lot of what job they want.

Taking too long and drawing out the recruitment process will lead to candidates jumping ship and finding a different company in where the recruitment process is shorter – meaning they can start work earlier. Streamlining the process can look like an initial screening, followed by an interview with multiple team members rather than separate meetings. Should you still be deciding between multiple candidates, have someone else on your team give them each a call can help narrow down the choices.


Having multiple rounds of interviews will lead to candidates losing interest, finding other opportunities in the meantime, and they might not be available when you have come to your final decision! This results in lost time spent interviewing, which means lost money for your company.


Let People Store Help

We know you’re busy and have a million things to do each day, and recruitment is just one of them. Without employees, the job won’t get done – they are crucial to the output of your business. Skip the screening, interviewing, and offering stages and let People Store do it for you.

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