How a Temporary Staffing Agency Can Reduce Your Turnover Costs

It’s difficult to gauge how much employee turnover actually costs your business. Your HR and leadership teams go through the arduous process of recruiting, interviewing and training only to have another employee abandon their job – and then the entire process needs to begin again. It doesn’t matter if you are the most efficiently operated or most employee-engaged company in the area, employee turnover is still going to affect you. That said, it is possible to reduce turnover – by hiring and cultivating employees who are not only eager and engaged but also genuinely want to be there.

One of the most proven methods of reducing turnover is by engaging the services of a temporary staffing agency. Don’t allow the word temporary to dissuade you. An established and experienced staffing partner can help you to significantly (and rapidly) reduce turnover and keep productivity metrics up even after an employee decides to seek other employment.

Here’s how:

Increased Efficiency and Rapid Response

Sourcing the perfect candidate takes time, and a certain level of ‘know how’. You could post jobs ads all over Indeed and the other high traffic job boards, but then you are left sitting and waiting for the right person to take notice of your ad and apply. There is a lot of uncontrollable ‘ifs’ in that scenario. You can’t risk hiring just anyone simply to put a warm body in an open seat. A temporary staffing agency maintains a roster of available (and previously vetted) candidates. Your recruitment partner will take the time to get to know your specific requirements, and the qualities that their candidates are looking for. They will use this knowledge to send you qualified and screened candidates who can almost always start right away – meaning that you seldom lose productivity.

A Professional Perspective

One of the best ways to reduce turnover is to understand what drives and motivates your people culture. This can be done by seeking out the employees who have the longest tenure and those who have the best performance. Take note of the personality traits, their behaviour and their skills so that you can create an ‘ideal candidate profile.’ This can be tricky, at first. Particularly if you are too vested and not able to gain a clear picture of what drives the company forward. A recruitment consultant from a staffing agency can help you to assess your workforce and offer you the perspective of an industry expert on what (or who) would make an ideal candidate for your business. They will work with you to develop detailed job descriptions and refine onboarding and testing processes to ensure that you are making an educated and qualified hire every time.

A Thorough and In-Depth Screening Process

A temporary staffing partner will take the time to check off each of the boxes on your ‘candidate must-have’ list. They will carefully vet each prospective applicant and cross-reference their experiences and skillsets with each of the attributes that you are looking for in a potential candidate to make sure that only the most likely to success applicants ever step foot inside your company.

Zero Risk

One of the biggest advantages to using a temporary staffing agency is that there is minimal risk to your company. When you hire internally, and the selected candidate does not work out, you’ve wasted valuable time and money recruiting, interviewing, onboarding and training. However, when you partner with a hiring agency, if the selected candidate does not work out, you simply end the relationship – at not further cost to yourself. The recruitment team will then present you with another candidate. The same applies to the employee – if they feel that their current role is not a good fit for them, they simply seek out another placement. It is a win-win for everyone.

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