Quality Program

All of our staff undergo a thorough PQAP training process. PQAP (People Store Quality Assurance Program), allows our clients and candidates to feel at ease knowing that we follow structured objectives in support of PIPEDA, and other regulatory affairs related to our industry. We have leveraged Quality Audits to focus more on preventative culture, than on corrective action. People Store follows these strict quality management requirements with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. We focus on best practices in quality and compliance. We support organizational structure, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality management.

We rely on the following quality management principles:

  • Customer Focus: We understand current and future needs. PQAP requires that top candidates are submitted to clients in a professional and tailored format. In order to ensure registration compliance, our internal database is upheld through regular audits. We are very responsive to customer needs and requirements and mandate that all customer inquires are addressed within a 12 hour period.
  • Process Approach: Improvements to the Quality Assurance Program are made to enhance the achievement of strategic objectives in support of PQAP. Relationships between activities and resources are coordinated thus the desired result is met with 100% compliance.
  • Systematic Approach To Management: Recognizing and understanding the management process allows us to contribute to increased efficiency in meeting objectives. We complete frequent internal audits of the Quality System to determine the system’s effectiveness and suitability. Results of these reviews are maintained as Quality Records and are available upon request.

The PQAP goal is to keep all of our colleagues using the same processes, with no surprises to anyone. By doing so, we operate efficiently and effectively by understanding our capabilities, and the needs of our clients and candidates.

For more information please contact quality@peoplestore.ca.

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