Health & Safety

Safety on Assignment:
As a People Store associate, you are our company's most important asset. Always exercise due care while working for People Store. Remember, most accidents can be prevented with proper caution, whether it’s an office or industrial environment.

Become familiar with each client’s safety procedures and equipment. All unsafe working conditions must be reported immediately to your People Store Representative. Make safety a priority in the work environment.

Our Responsibilities:
We will allocate your assignments to match your skills and experience. As much as reasonably possible, we will do all we can to ensure you have a safe and healthy workplace with adequate supervision.

The company you are assigned to is responsible for your health and safety, while you are with them. We will make sure you are given information on safety procedures so that you can carry out your tasks safely. If there is something you do not understand, ask your People Store Representative for clarification.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and others while on assignement.
  • Make sure you familiarize yourself with the local emergency procedures.
  • Co-operate with your assignment company by following all safety rules and regulations.
  • Report any hazardous situations to your supervisor.
  • Do not undertake tasks you have not received training for or, that you feel are unsafe.
  • Make correct use of work equipment, machinery, substances and personal protective equipment.

If you are asked to perform a task that was not part of your initial job description or believe that your working conditions are unsafe, immediately contact your People Store representative.

Ergonomic Work Station Tips:

  • Sit fully back in the chair at your work station and avoid slouching.
  • Adjust your backrest.
  • Remove obstructions around your workstation.
  • Adjust your seat height and use a footrest (if necessary).
  • Try to work with wrists straight when using a keyboard.
  • Adjust the screen angle of your computer monitor, so that your eye level is just above the top of the screen.
  • Keep all work areas and floor clear of rubbish and stationery.

Reporting Accidents:

  • Report the incident immediately to your on-site supervisor.
  • Ensure that the details are entered into the company's accident book.
  • If required, obtain treatment for the injury from a first-aider or appointed person.
  • Contact your People Store representative as soon as possible.

General Safety Tips:

  • Observe the company's safety rules.
  • Only operate work equipment that you are authorized and trained to use.
  • Report defective office equipment and furniture to a manager or supervisor. Do not attempt to repair it yourself.
  • Always watch where you are walking and obey any restricted areas.
  • Note the position of Fire Exit routes.

Lifting and Carrying Tips:

  • Only lift or carry what you can easily manage.
  • Get help with anything that you think might be too heavy or awkward to manage on your own.
  • Use trolleys, wheelbarrows, or other appropriate lifting equipment, if these are available.
  • Make sure you can clearly see where you are going.
  • Use your whole hand to hold equipment and other items, not just your fingers.
  • If the load is uneven, make sure the heaviest part is closest to your body.
  • Bend you knees and keep your back straight.
  • Straighten your knees to stand.

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