Benefits of Goal Setting

In sticking with our theme of goal setting this week, continue reading below to find out 4 reasons why setting goals will help you improve your focus. This will make you a better student, employee, or boss. Goals help you to increase your productivity so you will be able to get more work done, and continue to progress through your days.


Setting Goals Creates a Trigger

Upon creation of a goal, a motivator in our brain will trigger. You will often have a mental cue that sets the entire plan into motion. Have you ever created a specific goal, and then after that, could not stop thinking about that goal? That is the trigger!

Setting a goal will make a note in your brain that we are working towards something, and we need to actively be making strides in that area of our life to achieve the goal!


Setting Goals Leads to Sustained Success

As previously mentioned, goals create triggers. Once you start working towards a goal, it will naturally become a part of your way of life. It takes 21 days to form a habit, so once you get started on achieving your goal, it will become second nature! This will lead to prolonged and sustained success in the area in which you have set your goal!

Seeing progress be achieved on your journey to completing the goal will also help you to continue working towards it. When you hit a milestone on the journey to achieving the goal, you will feel a rush of excitement that will propel you to continue working! Whether it be a weight loss goal, financial goals, career goals or finishing that last semester of school, you will want to keep moving forward!


Setting Goals Will Align Your Focus

Working towards achieving goals will help to bring a sense of alignment and focus into your life. When you are on a journey of achieving something, you will be more aware of the actions you take and what you are avoiding in order to meet that goal. This will bring into focus what you find important in life, your personal strengths and weaknesses, and challenges that you need to overcome.


Setting Goals Promotes Self-Mastery

Achieving goals will help you become the best version of yourself in whatever part of your life you are looking to improve! Once you start hitting your goals, there’s no telling what you can achieve next!

Setting tangible, achievable goals in any or all aspects of your life will help you to improve whatever you want to – and accomplishing goals helps motivate you to keep going! Remember to set goals you are able to achieve, and check in on your progress often!


Let us know in the comments some goals you have for this year!



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