Adapting to Change in 2020

Canadian employers, Ontario in particular, found themselves struggling to fill their open job requirements in 2019. This was due largely to what economists, statisticians and other industry professionals dubbed a ‘skills mismatch’ or a lack of qualified labour.

This isn’t to say that there weren’t available candidates, but with the national unemployment rate hovering around 5.7 percent two things were obvious over the past year: Canada is losing jobs and, where there are jobs available, not enough of the eligible unemployed workers have the skills employers wanted.

What does this mean for Canadian employers in a position to hire in 2020?

They must be adaptable. Employers hoping to add to their labour force in 2020 need to be proactive in reviewing or amending the qualifications needed for specific job roles – and they should be working closely with an experienced staffing provider in order to optimize their hiring initiatives and strengthen their workforce.

What Can an Employer do to Adapt to an Employee-Driven Market?

This isn’t the first time that we’ve faced a talent-driven market. In fact, when faced with conditions where there was a disproportionate number of candidates to the amount of available jobs in the past, many employers were able to successfully grow their businesses. For the most part, during the 2010’s, employers had the luxury of being more selective about the individuals they hired. They could afford to hold out until the perfect candidate presented themselves.

The dynamics of that market have changed. We are shifting towards a market driven by talent. One where employees have the freedom (and the power) to not only pick and choose what assignments they take, but also the direction of their career path.

Historically, employees would start their career path by going to college and learning everything they possibly could about a particular field. They would then find employment and dedicate the next 30 to 50 years in their respective professions. This is no longer reality. Nowadays, temporary employees seek out a variety of employment options, in what is known as the ‘gig economy’ and begin to carve out their own career path.

The responsibility falls on the employer to adapt to these conditions and to create companies and job descriptions that are more enticing to this new talent pool. This is often achieved through things like mentorship, employee career acceleration programs or other platforms that showcase a company as being one that cares about the growth and career path for both internal and temporary workers.

Should Employers Loosen Job Requirements?

Towards the end of 2019, employers began to lower the qualifications needed for specific jobs in order to attract candidates who might not necessarily be the perfect match, but are still well qualified.

This isn’t to say that employers should adopt the practice of omitting necessary paperwork or no longer requiring training certifications for relevant positions. But, there is value in reducing hiring requirements, when handled appropriately.

When consulting with our clients who are looking to lower the qualifications needed for certain positions, People Store recommends taking a broader look at the type of candidate that qualified for each role. For example, there may be a situation where a job applicant doesn’t necessarily have the exact skills needed for a job opening, but they have a transferable skill that could translate well into the open job description.

The goal is to conduct a high-level evaluation of a qualified temporary employee and provide them with tangible, on-the-job training that will allow them to gain the skills the company needs and will aid in their growth and development as a potential long-term employee.

What is the key focus for 2020? In order to source the right talent in a candidate driven market, adaptation is mission critical.

Partner with an Expert in Temporary Staffing

People Store recognizes that the current status of the temporary labour market is one that places a strong emphasis on talent. Because we work alongside both employers and employees, we are committed to effectively supporting both by helping to not only develop a strong network of qualified labour, but also helping employers address their real talent needs.

As 2019 comes to a close, People Store would like to meet with local employers to discuss what their real challenges are.

  • Are you open-minded to lessening the qualifications needed for your temporary workforce?
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  • Are you faced with labour issues like upcoming retirements or LOAs in 2020?

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